In Essence,

I aspire to find a visual language for every project.
By photographing behavior, space and time, combining light and dark, movement and stillness, contrast and patterns, I add a visual layer to the collective vision of a particular story.

  • “Gonzalo has a magical way to taking us very gently into the frame without being intrusive and when you least expect it we are very deep into a very beautiful composition, and trapped into the story.”

    Ricardo Cardenas
    Creative Director
    Random Agency

    Ricardo Cardenas
  • “Gonzalo focuses intently on the story, and is unafraid of looking for a new way to tell it.  He’s got an attuned and expressive eye, is fast and decisive on set, and might be one of the nicest people I’ve ever worked with.”

    Karyn Kusama

    Karyn Kusama
  • “Gonzalo brings a delightful energy to set and paints with light to breathtaking effect.
    A singular talent.”

    Daniel Percival
    Director / Co-Executive Producer
    of “Man In The High Castle”

    Daniel Percival

I collaborate with filmmakers from all walks of life and levels of experience

– be it first-time directors or established award winners –

 to find the visual language their particular stories call for.

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